Monday, September 12, 2011

Dodger Blues

We went to a spur of the moment Dodger game tonight, and while the kids had a good time, it was not my most uplifting Dodger experience. To begin with, they got pounded. And they're south of .500 again. But if I was going to get upset every time the Dodgers lost, I'd be upset a lot.

I wasn't even that upset about the crowd, or lack thereof. I went to one other game this season, and it was a bit of a ghost town then, too.

No, my problem was in the store. We stopped by the team store out behind the pavilion on the way out, and it practically empty. Not just no people shopping (us 4, and maybe 2 other people), but hardly any merchandise. I wanted to buy some baseball cards for the kids. Usually, there's packages of Dodger cards, of various vintages and manufacturers. None of them are really worth much, but... you know. Kids like baseball cards.

There weren't any. There weren't any kids' hats either. Or purses, or backpacks. Or blankets or towels. But hey, the stuff they did have was really expensive. When we were in line, one of the employees realized he was apparently in charge, and said "I don't want to be in charge of this. All the shelves are missing."


My wife asked him what was with the prices, and his only comment was "they're greedy".

Double ouch. Let's all hope next season brings us a better team, lower prices, and maybe a new owner.

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