Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I was hoping for a Cr48 by now

I'm a Mac Guy. It's what I do. Got certifications and everything. But I find that I've been living more and more in Google Land. I have a Droid, mostly because I refused to deal with AT&T. But I really like my Droid. I like that I can use ASE to actually write Python and Perl on it, and run it right on the phone. I love App Inventor. I bought a NOOKcolor, despite the annoying capitalization, because it's a fairly low-cost Android tablet. The NOOK's lack of the official App Store didn't bother me, because it's got a nice web browser, which lets me do pretty much everything I wanted anyway. I use Google Apps for my little vanity domain. I use Google for pretty much everything now.

When Google announced the Cr48 Pilot Program, I realized that it was something I had imagined already. See, I'm sort of a wannabe Sci Fi writer. I have ideas that never made it into plot outlines, outlines that never saw any real writing to flesh them out, and some real writing that never got finished. One of the fleeting ideas began with Our Protagonist arriving at an airport, wiping his notebook, and leaving it in the terminal for somebody else to pick up. When he arrived at his destination, he picked up another cheap notebook and pulled down all his data, and carried on with The Plot. No carrying anything potentially incriminating or valuable through increasingly intrusive security. No possibility of somebody asking for his encryption keys. Commodity notebooks. Throw yours away at the airport, pick up another when you get where you're going, and all your data is waiting for you, if you have the patience to wait for it to sync.

When I formulated this, I was thinking satellite-based storage, outside of the control of religions and dictators. But it turns out that this basically already exists. Google account, commodity netbook, simple OS. Boot it, sign in, boom, there's all your stuff.

So I filled out the form for the pilot program, and hoped that a Cr48 would show up on the porch, and I could move into my own imagination.

It's starting to look like I won't get one, though.

Hey, Google! I want a Cr48. Can I have one?

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